Tamiya 1/48 German Fiesler Fi156C Storch "Milestone 100th Relase"

Byggesett i plast av det tyske rekognoseringsflyet Fiesler Fi156C Storch fra andre verdenskrig i skala 1/48.

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Tamiya byggesett i plast av det tyske rekognoseringsflyet Fiesler Fi156C Storch fra andre verdenskrig i skala 1/48. 

Lengde: 20,2 cm
Bredde: 29,7 cm

Informasjon fra Tamiya:
Eyes in the Sky
During WWII the Fieseler Fi156C was used at every front. It had the wonderful ability of taking off and landing over a short distance on both smooth and rough surfaces, and was often used for reconnaissance and liaison. This plane has been added to the 1/48 Aircraft Series as a milestone 100th Release. Additionally, famed military commanders such as Rommel frequently observed the front lines from the Fi156. A set of six figures including a pilot and officer is included allowing you to easily reproduce a variety of scenes such as Rommel giving instructions to a staff officer.

About the Model
This is an assembly kit of the Fieseler Fi156C Storch. 
★Length 202mm, Wing Span 297mm. This model shows the Fi156C´s ability to take off and land in restricted areas. 
★The main wing joins the Fieseler Fi156s delicate body at the canopy which is molded to the metal main wing spar and stilt. 
★A choice of 3 kinds of canopies, belly tanks, and skis for winter. From the many extra parts provided, you are able to build a Fieseler Fi156C to your own liking. 
★Choice of an open or closed embarkation hatch, as well as the position of the main wings flap, up or down. 
★Has 5 kinds of markings for either General Rommels embarkation plane or the Mussolini rescue plane. 
★Comes in a "Milestone 100th Release" package. 

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