Hasegawa 1/72 US Airforce Jet Bomber B-47E Strato Jet

Plastbyggesett av det amerikanske bombeflyet B-47E Strato Jet i skala 1/72. Inneholder 166 deler.

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Hasegawa plastbyggesett av det amerikanske bombeflyet B-47E Strato Jet i skala 1/72. Inneholder 166 deler.  

Lengde: 47,5 cm
Vingebredde: 49 cm
Høyde: 12,7 cm

Informasjon fra Hasegawa:
Boeing Company first started its work on the jet bombers at the end of 1943. First trial model was ordered in April 1946 and its first model called XB-47 was completed 18 months later. At the time, Boeing´s latest technique included a design such as suspending engines on slim and long main wings with 35 degrees angle to neutralize the torsional straining moment. This same model of the B-47E took its first flight in 1953, using J47-GE-25 with the thrust of 2,700kgs, and rear armorment included GE´s radar controlled two 20mm-twin-guns. Ejection seat was equipped for crew. It also has JATO type take-off acceleration rocket and parachute of 4.88m diameter for landing brakes; its total take-off weight reached 91 tons. But the defects found in this aircraft shortened its life. For example, landing gears in the bow and aft required both gears to touch the ground at the same time which narrowed the limit of weight movement. Pilot seats in front and back were not reputable; dwelling was bad and degree of fatigue was big. Even then, it was the first class jet bomber in the period of 1940-1950 and must leave its big name in the history of air.

Anbefalte farger av Hasegawa:
Dark Green
Gloss Black

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